Passion for Sustainable Packaging

Design for recycling, use of recycled content, reduction of CO2 footprint or biodegradable – sustainability connected with other powerful trends in consumer behavior is driving major changes in packaging.

The challenges are many. Results count. Dr. Thomas Gröner and his company TG PACK SOLUTIONS are your results-focused partner for sustainable packaging, with a special – but not exclusive expertise in the area of flexible packaging.

Benefit from more than 30 years proven record in the industry in various positions along the packaging value chain (@ brand owner, converter and material producer) with a large and very active network in this area.


R&D / Innovation


Key Services

From consumer understanding and business purpose to development and market success – modern packaging requires cross-divisional expertise. Only then is change possible.

Sustainability management

Develop a strategy, derive this into a roadmap and implement fields of action

Development of sustainable product ranges

Based on market analysis, product requirements and company capabilities

R&D strategy & innovation management

Packaging development along the value chain

Cost optimization, efficiency improvement, technology development

IP management

(incl. inventor remuneration)

Sustainability reporting

for internal and external communication

Development of USPs

Sustainability / innovation

Interim management

Advisory in M&A and divestments

Keynote speaker



Sustainability in packaging and film production (holistic approach):

  • Working out a sustainability strategy for execution of a sustainability action program
  • Establishing a three-dimensional sustainability framework for companies
  • Developing, implementing and tracking company-wide sustainability KPIs
  • Identifying and developing sustainable product ranges for various segments / markets

Sustainability reporting and communication (internal & external):

  • Launching award-winning company sustainability reports, customer-orientated sustainability presentations, customer workshops, company position statements
  • Raising sustainability awareness throughout the organization: management training, employee information and empowerment, employee activities, internal sustainability award
  • Working on external certification, e.g. EcoVadis and customer certification

Cross-functional and external collaboration:

  • Running a company-wide program on circular economy: increasing the use of recycled materials and internal recycling capacity as well as designing products for easy recycling
  • Setting up collaborative projects with supplier and customer to increase sustainability along the value chain
  • Cooperation with downstream machine supplier (e.g. packing lines, converting lines) to support the implementation of a more sustainable solution
  • CO2 footprint reduction program: green energy, energy efficiency improvements, bio-based raw materials, product protection, downgauging, etc.
  • Active participation and collaboration in associations, with authorities and institutes

Keynote speeches at company summits and conferences


R&D / Innovation

Development of an R&D and innovation strategy linked to the company strategy

  • Creating multinational R&D networks and R&D teams, including communication platforms
  • R&D project portfolio and pipeline management with KPIs, focusing on business alignment and project implementation
  • Setting up and running R&D project management based on the Stage-Gate process and related systems
  • Managing a pilot plant and further development of their services internally

Development of a company-wide cross-functional and cross-business innovation culture and spirit

  • Innovation reporting and communication (internal & external)
  • Developing and implementing an IP management process incl. inventor remuneration
  • Creating a market intelligence function: analysis and monitoring of markets, competitors and customers

External R&D and innovation collaboration

  • Collaborative / open innovation along the value chain and with external partners (e.g. inventors, start-ups, institutes, companies)
  • Contractual framing of R&D cooperation
  • Support NDA document development and verification of NDAs
  • Customer focus in R&D projects / customer innovation meetings and workshops
  • Advice and due diligence in M&A projects and in divestments

Keynote speeches at universities, conferences and company summits / scientific publications



Managing packaging projects along the value chain (raw material supplier > convertor > filler > customer) with focus on various areas:

  • Cost optimization
  • Quality improvement
  • Technology development
  • Increasing appearance and convenience (outside look & feel, easy opening, reclosing, easy carrying, etc.)
  • Improving sustainability
  • Boosting material functionality (e.g. barrier properties, machinability)

Packaging quality and performance

  • Supplier development and management incl. quality and performance improvement programs
  • Quality management incl. packaging, food safety and legal compliance
  • Packaging quality standards and audits in own plants and at supplier

Cooperation with downstream machine supplier

  • e.g. packing lines, converting lines to support the implementation of innovative solution

Investment projects for process and packaging lines incl. green field projects

  • Supporting plant closures and relocation of packing portfolios and packaging lines

Consumer-centric packaging development

Dr. Thomas Gröner
More than 30 years industry experience along the packaging value chain


Director & Founder

2018 /

Director R&D and Sustainability
@ RKW Group

2014 /

Head of Innovation and R&D
@ Mondi Consumer Goods Packaging

2002 /

Packaging Manager Europe
@ Nestlé Purina PetCare

1994 /

Project Leader „Packaging Development Europe“
@ Spillers / Friskies

1991 /

Project Leader „New Product Development Europe“
@ Quaker / Pepsico

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